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Get know with Kola North
Distance: up to 900 km

Difficulty level: easy

Tour duration: 2 days and 1 night

Number of people: group of 6 people

13 000 per person in a group
+6 000 per person with accommodation

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New Year program to spend holidays on the Kola Peninsula

Day 1 - Tour to Teriberka

8:30 Departure from Murmansk in the direction of Teriberka

Along the way:

• Tundra panoramas
• Pass
• "Policeman"
• Filming location for the semi-documentary film Surf

11:00 Arrival in Teriberka

11:05 Cemetery of old fishing boats and filming location for Leviathan. Snack with hot tea/coffee

11:30 Transfer to the "New Teriberka"

11:40 Change to snowmobiles and go on a safari to the seashore

12:00 Waterfall on small Batareyskoe Lake

12:30 Snowmobile drive to Dragon Egg Coast

12:40 Dragon Egg Coast. Filming locations for the Duelist and Superdeep films

13:20 Return to Teriberka

13:30 Transfer by car to the historical part of Teriberka, to the beach with a giant swing

13:40 Lunch and free time

• Opportunity to take a photo on the biggest swing above the Arctic Circle
• Visit to a stranded fishing boat

15:20 Tour of the historical part of Teriberka. Optionally, you can visit the local brewery

15:40 Return to Murmansk / transfer to the airport

18:00 Arrival to Murmansk/airport

Aurora hunting on one of the evenings of the tour with the most suitable forecast.

The program may be adjusted due to the weather conditions.
Day 2 - Sightseeing in Murmansk

1. Meeting tourists at the hotel

2. Monument to the "Waiting Woman"

3. Monument to the Defenders of the Soviet Arctic - "Alyosha", located on a hill, with a panoramic view of the entire Murmansk

4. Memorial complex to the "Sailors who died during peacetime"

5. We will cross the longest Kola bridge beyond the Arctic Circle, which is 2.5 km long

6. The memorial complex of the Abram-Mys district (formerly a village), located on the opposite shore of the Kola Bay, including: an anti-aircraft gun, two Yak-9 and Su-15 fighter aircrafts, a dugout, an aerial bomb, commemorative plaques with names dead anti-aircraft gunners, stele to women warriors

7. Marine station with a small embankment, excursion and visit to the world's first nuclear icebreaker "Lenin", a monument to the "Port workers who died during the Great Patriotic War"

8. After the tour, we will bring you back to the hotel

Evening hunting for the Northern Lights in a group

The decision to leave for hunting is made on the day of departure, if the forecast is not the most suitable, then we will offer to postpone the departure to the next evening.

Aurora Hunting on one of the evenings of the tour with the most suitable forecast.
Included in the price:

• Visits to the icebreaker Lenin on a first come, first serve basis, working hours of the icebreaker may change due to restrictions related to the pandemic
• Photo while hunting for aurora
• Ticket to the Sami village and lunch during the tour
• Transfer during the whole tour
• Excursion support

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