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Summer-autumn tour.
Teriberka - a tour to the ends of the Earth!
This is an opportunity to visit the ocean and plunge into the originality of northern nature.

Distance: 270 km, 30 km of dirt roads and off-road

Difficulty level: medium, moderate physical activity awaits you

Time on the route: 8-10 hours. Groups up to 6 people. Minimum group of 3 people.

6 000 ₽ per person as a passenger in our car

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This is a fascinating trip filled with emotions and impressions on prepared off-road vehicles, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the silence of the northern nature, feel the power of the Arctic Ocean and recharge your energy and vitality for a long time.

It was here that the sensational film "Leviathan" by Andrey Zvyagintsev was filmed.

People began to settle in these places from the 16th century, and in Soviet times several collective farms worked on the territory of the village, bred deer, grew furs and fished.

On the way to Teriberka, we will get acquainted with the real tundra and admire the blinding polar sun, which shines, but almost does not warm.

In the village itself, we will walk along the large sandy beach of the Barents Sea and visit the cemetery of old fishing ships that will never go to sea again.

We will visit the coast of the "Dragon Eggs", and we will also see the Teribersky waterfall, which flows into the Barents Sea at an angle of ninety degrees.

And there are many interesting and iconic places of the village waiting for us, and a trip on prepared off-road vehicles will help expand the horizons of what we saw. In the evening we will return to the hotel.

Summer-autumn tour program to Teriberka

8:30 Departure from Murmansk in the direction of Teriberka
(Teriberka is an old fishing village on the shores of the Barents Sea)

Along the way:
- Tundra panoramas
- Pass
- Man-made art object "Policeman"
- Filming location of the documentary film by Konstantin Kokorev "Surf"

10:40 Arrival in Teriberka

Along the way:
- Cemetery of old fishing ships and filming location of Andrey Zvyagintsev's acclaimed drama film "Leviathan"
- Transfer to "New Teriberka" to the waterfall on the Maloye Batareyskoe Lake
- Walk on the rocks near the waterfall. Panoramas of the Barents Sea. Bird market
- Walk to the guns of the coastal battery (1.5 kilometers along the hills) or free time at the waterfall
- Return to cars
Timing will depend on road and weather conditions

13:20 Dragon Egg Beach

Along the way:
- Filming locations for the adventure film directed by Alexei Mizgirev "Duelist" and the science fiction film directed by Arseniy Syukhin "Superdeep"

13:50 Transfer to the historical part of Teriberka to the beach with a giant swing

14:15 Lunch (the tour includes a field kitchen lunch or, in agreement with the guide, you can have lunch in the Teriberka cafe).

Free time on the beach (possibility to take a photo on the biggest swing in the Arctic Circle)
- Visit a stranded fishing boat

15:20 Tour of the historical part of Teriberka

- Visit to a local brewery
- Abandoned School
- Gazprom road

17:00 Return to Murmansk / transfer to the airport

18:30 Arrival in Murmansk/airport

The program can be adjusted according to the departure time of the group.
The cost of participation by a passenger in the car of the organizers is 5500 rubles per person

Included in the price:

• Transfer throughout the route
• Excursion support
• Meals: snack and hot tea/coffee

What to take with you and how to dress?

• Windproof and waterproof clothing
• Jacket preferably with a hood, hat
• Light gloves will not be superfluous
• Comfortable trekking shoes, preferably waterproof
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