Tour operator in the Murmansk region registry number: РТО023047
Accommodation in a tent camping.
3 days and 2 nights

Tour cost: 21 000 ₽

Day 1
8:00 Departure from Murmansk

8:30 Panorama of Murmansk from the observation deck on Cape Abram

9:40 Memorial complex Valley of Glory

10:15 Checkpoint Titovka. Passport control. Visit to the Titovskiy Frontier Museum. Remains of a German cable car from WWII

10:30 Waterfall on the Titovka river

11:20 Drunken stream. Snack

11:40 am Old German road built during the war

- German headquarters Nord
- Underwater road
- Underground German hospital
- Musta Tunturi ridge (hiking through the positions of German troops during the Second World War)

15:00-16:00 Lunch

16:00 Driving towards the Sredny Peninsula

- Filming location for the film Transit
- Height "Egg"
- Motovsky Bay, where you can see active submarines escorted by warships
- The destroyed building of the Kurchatov Institute, where experiments with plasma were carried out

18:30 Small Volokovaya Bay. Setting up the camp. Dinner. Free time
Day 2
8:00 Breakfast. Camp setting up

9:00 Departure to the Sredny Peninsula

- The first line of defense of the Soviet troops
- Palvijoki stream. Waterfall
- Memorial to Coastal Batteries
- Observation deck overlooking Malaya Volokovaya Bay
- Visit to the coastal battery with underground casemates

12:30 Rocks "Two brothers"

13:00 "Red Stone" Beach. Lunch

14:00 Travel around the Sredny Peninsula

- Pummanki. Former military airfield and garrison with the highest concentration of heroes and double heroes of the Soviet Union during WWII
- Entrance to the Rybachy Peninsula
- Cape Cow
- Cape Kiysky
- Kiyskaya littoral
- "Time Rift" Stone
- Abandoned lighthouse built by the Finns at the beginning of the 20th century

17:00 Nemetskiy Cape. The northernmost point of the European part of continental Russia

- Pomors' well of the 16th century
- Operating radar tracking systems
- Beached fishing boat
- Family burial place of the Norwegian industrialist Peelfield
- "Stones with numbers"

18:30 Cape Kekursky. One of the most beautiful places on the Sredny and Rybachy peninsulas
Camp setting, dinner, free time.

Day 3
07:00 Waking up, setting up the camp, breakfast

8:30 Departure from Cape Kekursky

Along the way:
- Site of ancient people
- Abandoned garrison Skorbeevsky, where missiles with nuclear warheads were based

12:00 Literary dugout, where the words of the song "Farewell, Rocky mountains" were written

12:10 Driving along the Sredny Peninsula

Along the way:
- The most beautiful waterfall on the Sredny and Rybachy peninsulas (hiking 1.5 km one way)
- Howitzer battery yards
- Height Eagle's Nest
- "Sober" stream

16:00 Cascade of waterfalls on the Titovka river. Dinner

17:00 Departure to Murmansk

17:40 Arrival in Murmansk
Included in the price:

• Transfer throughout the route on vehicles prepared for off-road
• Excursion support
• Meals:
Day 1 - Snack, lunch and dinner
Day 2 - Breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner
Day 3 - Breakfast, lunch
• Accommodation in 2, 3 or 4 person tents. Tents are provided individually or separately per person or per company. Strangers are not accommodated in the same tent.
• Warm sleeping bags, self-inflating mats, camping pillows
Additionally on request:

• Seafood at the camp site
• Sauna (must be ordered in advance)
• Alcohol

What to bring and how to dress:

• Warm windproof and waterproof clothing. Jackets preferably with a hood. The weather on the peninsulas is often changeable, precipitation is possible. Headdress
• Set of thermal underwear and fleece jacket
• Comfortable waterproof shoes. Trekking boots or sneakers are ideal. On the route, we will walk, possibly on wet soil, climb to a hill with rocky soils (optional)
• Change of socks and woolen socks, change of T-shirts
• Replaceable light shoes will add comfort at the camp site
• Individual first aid kit and personal hygiene products
• Portable phone chargers and spare batteries for cameras. There will be a lot of beautiful and interesting places to shoot

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