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All shades of North.
Format "All inclusive"
Distance: up to 990 km


Tour duration:
3 days and 2 nights

Number of people: group 6-10 people

39 900 per person

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Introduction to the Russian winter north in a three-day program "All Shades of North"

We will visit the village of Teriberka on the coast of the Arctic Ocean, which gained its fame after the release of the Leviathan film.

We'll see the Northern Lights.

We will visit the village of Lovozero, where the Saami, the indigenous people of the Kola Peninsula, have lived for centuries, from where we will go in a sleigh behind snowmobiles through the tundra to the camp site. After checking in which, we will continue our way to a mystical place for the Saami people, which has a special energy - Lake Seydozero, located in the fault of the mountains Lovozero Tundra, where rituals are still performed, and where we will see the face of Kuyva - a natural drawing of a Sami deity more than 60 meters high.

After returning to the camp site, we will visit a Russian sauna. And after dinner, accompanied by a guide-photographer, we will wait for the northern lights.

The next morning, after the breakfast, using snowmobiles, we will return back to the village of Lovozero, from where we will go to the Lesnaya Yelan Husky Park, where we will have the opportunity to get know to the history and life of the Sami folk, see national dwellings. Hang out will with deer and ride on husky sleds.

After having a lunch with fish cream soup and stewed venison with garnish, we will come to Murmansk, and visit a fish shop where you can buy fish and seafood, taking them home with you.

Fill your weekend with all the Shades of the winter North!
Tour program "All Shades of North"

Arrival to Murmansk in the evening.
Check-in at the hotel "Tundra". Overnight at the hotel.
Individual accommodation in hostel-type rooms on the 3rd floor of the Tundra Hotel.
Supplement for a room of a higher category is 2,100 rubles.

Day 1

Breakfast in the hotel

8:30 - Departure to Teriberka

Along the way:
• Tundra panoramas
• Pass
• "Policeman"
• Filming location for the semi-documentary film Surf

11:00 Arrival in Teriberka

11:05 Cemetery of old fishing boats and filming location of Leviathan

11:30 Transfer to the "New Teriberka"

11:40 We change to snowmobiles and ride to the waterfall on the Maloye Batareyskoe Lake

12:30 Snowmobile ride to "Dragon Egg Coast"

12:40 Dragon Egg Coast. Filming locations for the films The Duelist and Superdeep

13:20 Return to Teriberka

13:30 Driving back to the historical part of Teriberka, to the beach with a giant swing

13:40 Set lunch at the Teriberskiy Bereg restaurant and free time. Optionally, you can try seafood delicacies that can be purchased at the restaurant

• Free time on the beach
• Opportunity to take a photo on the biggest swing above the Arctic Circle
• Visit to a stranded fishing boat

15:20 Tour of the historical part of Teriberka. Optionally, you can visit the local brewery

16:00 Return to Murmansk

The program may be adjusted due to weather conditions.

19:00 Arctic cuisine dinner at the "Polar Station" restaurant. We will plunge into the atmosphere of a real polar station and take part in a master class of an arctic dessert. In addition to dinner, you can order a portion of crab, the cost is 1,000 rubles/portion.

21:00 Evening departure for the Aurora Hunting , accompanied by a guide-photographer. The guide will tell you about the nature of this phenomenon, the myths and legends associated with it. Using professional photo equipment, we can take pictures of the Aurora and you with Aurora on the background. Or we can help you set up your equipment for capturing Aurora.

Usually "hunting" lasts 3-5 hours. The departure time for the aurora hunting might be changed depending on weather conditions and the forecast of aurora activity.

Return to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel in Murmansk.

Day 2

7:00 Breakfast at the hotel

7:30 Departure in the direction of Lovozero village. The way there will take about 2.5 hours

10:00 Arrival in Lovozero village. We add some warm clothes over yours and sit in the sled following the snowmobile

10:20 Departure to the camp site Yulinskaya Salma

10:50 Arrival at the camp site. Check in. Tea, snacks

11:30 Excursion to Seydozero

14:30 Return to the camp site. Hot lunch

15:30 Free time. Optionally, you can drive a snowmobile (20 minutes - 1,000 rubles / person)

17:00 Russian bath for 2 hours. Towels are provided free of charge. (Payment for brooms and sheets: a broom - 250 rubles / piece, a sheet - 250 rubles / piece)

19:00 Dinner

20:00 Free time

21:00-1:00 We are waiting for Aurora at the camp site. With a favorable forecast, we will be able to see and take picture of Aurora.
Day 3

7:00 Breakfast

8:00 Back way to Lovozero by snowmobiles

9:00 Arrival in Lovozero. We change clothes and go to Husky park Lesnaya Elan

10:00 Husky Park Lesnaya Yelan

• History and life of the Saami
• Get know with Reindeer
•Introduction to the husky and sledding
• lunch with fish cream soup and stewed venison with garnish

12:30 Departure to Murmansk

14:50 Arrival in Murmansk

15:00 Visit to the fish shop (for those wishing to buy fish)

15:40 Transfer to the airport
Additional Information on tour
What is included in the price
Accommodation (2 nights) with breakfast in hostel-type rooms on the third floor of the Tundra Hotel, single occupancy. Accommodation in a Tundra hotel room of a higher category for an additional fee of 2,100 rubles. By agreement with the organizers, accommodation in the rooms of other hotels in Murmansk is possible. In this case, the group gathers at the entrance to the Tundra Hotel, which you will need to get to on your own when staying at another hotel.

• Lunch and snack in Teriberka.

• Transfer along the entire route, transfer to Teriberka with vehicles prepared for off-road.

• A sleigh ride for a snowmobile along the sea in Teriberka.

• Arctic cuisine dinner with a master class in Murmansk.

• Accompanying with a guide throughout the route.

• Services of a guide-photographer during the Aurora Hunting and throughout the tour.

• Transfer on snowmobiles to the camp site "Yulinskaya Salma".

• Warm equipment for snowmobiling.

• Accommodation (1 night) and meals at the Yulinskaya Salma camp site. Accommodation in double or triple rooms. Towels - free of charge, for bath brooms (250 rubles) and sheets (200 rubles) for an additional fee.

• Excursion to Lake Seydozero.

• Tasting of cloudberries brandy.

• Visit to the Lesnaya Yelan husky park with lunch, husky and reindeer sledding.

• Visit to a fish store.

• Transfer to the Airport.
What is not included
• Meals not included in the main menu of the tour.

• Alcohol.

• Souvenir products.

• Transfer from the airport in Murmansk to the hotel on the first evening.

• In case of special preferences in food, the menu is previously individually coordinated with the organizers.
What to bring and how to dress
Warm clothes and shoes.

• Clothing with a hood and full covering the back, as far as it can be windy.

• Shoes preferably with a high ankle.

• Set of thermal underwear. Fleece jacket or sweater.

• Warm hat and gloves.

• A balaclava, preferably windproof, will be useful while sleighing behind snowmobiles. If you have ski glasses, they won't be superfluous either.

• Disposable hand and foot warmers, sold in sports and fishing shops (eg Sports Master or on the Internet, will add comfort.

• Change of T-shirts, change of socks, warm woolen socks.

• Changeable shoes such as "Crocs" will be comfortable while staying at the camp site.

• Individual first aid kit and hygiene items.

• Photo and video equipment.

• Wireless chargers for phones and photographic equipment. There will be a lot of beautiful places for photo shooting, but in the cold conditions the battery capacity of the equipment is significantly less. If you plan to take pictures of Aurora with your camera or phone, you definitely need a tripod.
What else is important to know
The weather in the north is changeable, depending on weather conditions (snowfalls, snow blocks on the roads, abnormal frosts), the program can be changed at the discretion of the organizer in order to keep the safety of movement on the route.
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