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Expedition Kolskiy kray. Exciting adventure "In search of the PLATE OF TIME"
Distance: 730 km, including 450 km of asphalt and 280 km of dirt and off-road

Difficulty level: medium, moderate physical activity

Accommodation in tents. 8 days 7 nights

59 000 ₽ per person as a passenger in our car

16 000 ₽ on your own car, price per car and 1000 rubles per person for access to the sea

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This is a unique offer for all lovers of adventure, nature and military history.

On jeeps, you will make an unforgettable route through the Rybachiy Peninsula, then take a boat trip to Anikeev Island, where everyone has a chance to unravel the mystery of one of the most little-studied monuments of history "PLATES OF TIME".

In the beginning, we will visit one of the most famous places on the Kola Peninsula - Teriberka, which gained its fame after the release of Andrey Zvyagintsev's film "Leviathan". Further, on off-road vehicles, we will make a route through the Sredny and Rybachy peninsulas, known for their unique nature and history of the ancient time and Middle Ages, the history of the Second World War, traces of which are still on the surface of the Earth. And our goal will be a sea voyage to Anikeev Island with its "Plate of Time", where the autographs of ancient sailors are preserved.

Day 1

Distance: 140 km, 130 km of asphalt and 10 km of light off-road
9:00 Gathering of participants. General briefing

10:00 Departure from Murmansk towards Teriberka

Along the way:
• Tundra panoramas
• Pass
• Man-made art object "Policeman"
• Filming location for Konstantin Kokorev's documentary "Surf"

12:30 Arrival in Teriberka

Along the way:
• Cemetery of old fishing ships and filming location of Andrey Zvyagintsev's acclaimed drama Leviathan. Drive to "Novaya Teriberka" to the waterfall on the Small Battery Lake
• Transfer to the "Novaya Teriberka" to the waterfall on the Maloye Batareyskoe Lake
• Walk on the rocks near the waterfall. Panoramas of the Barents Sea. "Bird market" (Huge concentration of birds on the rocks)
• Walk to the guns of the coastal battery (1.5 kilometers along the hills) or free time at the waterfall
• Return to cars

15:00 Lunch

16:00 Dragon Eggs Beach

Along the way:
• Filming locations for the adventure film directed by Alexei Mizgirev "The Duelist" and the science fiction film directed by Arseniy Syukhin "Superdeep"

16:40 Transfer to the historical part of Teriberka

17:00 Camp Set up. Free time

• Beach with giant swings
• Visit to a stranded fishing boat
• Local brewery
• Abandoned school
• Gazprom road

19:00 Dinner
Day 2

Distance: 242 km, 220 km of asphalt, 22 km dirt and off-road
7:00 Wake up

7:30 Breakfast

8:00 Camp assembly

9:00 Departure from Teriberka

11:00 Visiting the observation deck at Cape Abram with a panoramic view of Murmansk

12:00 Memorial complex "Valley of Glory"

12:30 Arrival at the Titovka checkpoint. Passport control

• Museum "Titovskiy Rubezh"
• Remains of the German cable car

13:00-14:00 Cascade of waterfalls on the Titovka River. Dinner

14:15 Waterfall on the Titovka River. "Gagarinsky" stream

14:45 Traditional stop "Drunk Creek"

15:00 Drive through the pass

Along the way:
• Old German Road
• Filming location of the feature film directed by Alexander Rogozhkin "Transit"
• Height "Egg"
• Motovsky Bay, where you can see active submarines escorted by warships
• Destroyed building of the Kurchatov Institute, where experiments with plasma were carried out

18:00 Arrival at Malaya Volokovaya Bay. Camp setting

19:00 Dinner. Free time
Day 3

Day in Malaya Volokovaya Bay
8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Climb to the Musta Tunturi pass

Along the way:
• The positions of the German troops during the Second World War
• Underground hospital. underwater road
• Obelisk at the place of death (March 29, 1943) of the legendary reconnaissance group of the captain of the Northern Fleet Alexander Yunevich

14:00 Lunch

15:00 Free time

18:00 Bath

19:30 Dinner
Day 4

Distance: 70 km dirt / off-road
Driving along the Sredny Peninsula

Along the way:
• The first line of defense of the Soviet troops
• Palvijoki stream. Waterfall
• Line of defense of the Soviet troops in 1941-1944.
• Observation deck on Malaya Volokovaya Bay
• Visit to the coastal battery with underground casemates

12:30 Natural monument of the rock "Two Brothers"

13:00 The shore of the "Red Stones". Dinner

14:00 Travel around the Sredny Peninsula

• Cape Pummanki (Zemlyanoye), here during the Second World War there was a front airfield and a garrison. 45 Heroes of the Soviet Union were in Zemlyanoy - from the legendary pilot Boris Sazonov to the commander of the reconnaissance detachment Ivan Larchenko-Emelyanov

Entrance to the Rybachy Peninsula
• Cape Cow
• Cape Kiysky
• Kiyskaya littoral
• Cape Kekursky

Setting up the camp. Dinner
Day 5

Day at Cape Kekursky with radial trips
Distance: 15 km dirt / off-road

10:00 Departure to Cape Nemetskiy

Along the way:
• Stone "Rift of time"
• Abandoned lighthouse built by the Finns in the early 20th century

Cape Nemetskiy. The northernmost point of the European part of continental Russia

Along the way:
• Well of the Pomors of the 16th century
• Operating radar tracking systems
• Beached fishing boat
• Place of the family burial of the Norwegian industrialist Peelfield
• "Stones with numbers"
• Settlements of ancient people. sacrificial circle

Dinner. Free time. Dinner
Day 6

Distance: about 60 km dirt / off-road

9:00 Transfer to Cape Tsypnavolok, to the eastern part of the Rybachy Peninsula
On the way there is an opportunity to see herds of wild deer (timing will depend on road and weather conditions)

Day 7

Day at Tsypnavolok
Anikeev island

By the boat we will cross a bay to Anikeev Island, where the "PLATE OF TIME" is located, a slate slab with paintings and monograms of sailors from different countries dating back to the 17th century and the earliest inscriptions date back to 1610 (In the event of a storm, going to sea may not take place). In case you travel by your own car, access to the sea is 1000 rubles per person

Camp Sauna

Day 8

Distance: 100 km dirt / off-road, 100 km asphalt
Ferry Tsypnavolok - Murmansk.

Along the way, the route may have arrivals and stops in interesting places (timing will depend on road and weather conditions)

Finish of the expedition in Murmansk
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