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Summer and autumn tours around the Kola Peninsula
Winter tours around the Kola Peninsula
Individual and corporate tours
You have the opportunity to plan an individual tour for your family or company on dates convenient for you, with a program developed according to your wishes
• Route from 1 to 8 days
• Groups from 1 person
• Accommodation in a hotel, camp sites and tents
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About Us

My name is Pavel Ershov. I represent Kolskiy Kray company from the city of Murmansk.
Since 2015, we have been organizing and conducting tours, jeep tours and expeditions around the Kola Peninsula.

During this time were held:

• More than 1000 trips with guests
• More than 300 jeep tours to the Sredny and Rybachy peninsulas, Khibiny and Tersky coast
• Conducted three expeditions in 2019, 2020, 2021
• "Caught" more than 400 northern lights
Why us?
We have our own vehicle fleet of all-wheel drive, SUVs and minibuses prepared for off-road and expeditions
Four-wheel drive vehicles help to push the limits of any tour and make winter trips safer
Our guides are medalists and winners of the regional cup stages in off-road disciplines
All our guides are certified and are members of the Arctic Guides Association
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Answers to frequently asked questions
Can I join you on tours with my own vehicle?
It is possible. But, with some limitations. You need to understand that many routes pass along dirt roads and off-road, there is always a risk of damaging the car on stones, scratching it with branches, or choosing the wrong speed when driving through the water.

Another aspect is timing. In order to have time to cover the tour program, we adhere to a certain timing. In cases where either the experience of off-road driving is not high, or the car is not designed for driving in the conditions of the Kola off-road, there is a risk of not keeping up with the cars of the organizers.

An exception is an expedition along the Kola Peninsula, where the program already provides participation with your own vehicle.
How to dress on trips to the Kola Peninsula?
You need to dress according to the season, choosing warm, windproof and waterproof clothes. Jackets with a hood, together with a headdress. Thermal underwear set. Waterproof shoes with a high shin. Trekking boots are the best choice.

In the summer and autumn tours, light shoes for changing in the camp (on tours both with tents and at the camp site) will never be superfluous.

You also need a set of thermal underwear and a fleece jacket, as well as a change of socks, woolen socks and T-shirts.
When is the best time to go to Kola Peninsula?
Whenever you come, we can plan an interesting tour all year round.

The season for jeep tours along the Kola is the time from the end of June to the second half of October, at which time the Khibiny, the Pass of Geologists and the pass on the way to the Sredny and Rybachy peninsulas are open from snow.

The northern lights can be seen from the last days of August to the first days of April. The active season of aurora is from October to the end of March.

The winter tour season starts from the end of October and lasts until mid-April, depending on the weather.

Teriberka is accessible all year round. The off-season can be considered the time from about mid-April to mid-May, when snowmobiles and SUVs can no longer drive to some places along the seashore.
Is it possible to travel with children?
In our tours, guests often come with children aged 5-6 years all year round. In this case, we install child seats in our cars.

It is important to understand that during the jeep tours to the Sredny and Rybachy peninsulas, the route passes along dirt roads and off-road with a total length of more than 200 km. Therefore, it is important for parents to objectively assess the resistance of the child's body to such conditions of movement.
How is it going with the connection and the Internet?
Almost all tours have places where there is no connection. However, on all routes there are places with a stable connection and the Internet that the guides know. Therefore, it will not be possible to remain completely without communication. Megafon has the best coverage in the region, followed by MTS and other operators.
I want to see the Northern Lights. When is the best time to come?
The active aurora season is from the beginning of September to the first days of April, usually until the 10th. Northern Light is a natural phenomenon which depends on both the activity of the sun and cloud cover. And if the forecast on the day of departure is not the best, then we will offer to reschedule the trip.

We use solar activity forecasts (4 parameters) and weather forecasts to determine the likelihood of aurora and the direction to look for it. All this, coupled with our experience, helps to make 9 out of 10 trips successful.
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